Technology and Security are Charles Leaver’s Specialties

Charles LeaverWhen it comes to bringing new technologies to market and making money with them, there are actually few who have proven they can do so better than Charles Leaver. He has been involved in every aspect of the high-tech and mobile markets since his tech career started more than 35 years ago. That means he has managed to gain and securing secure patents for new technological advances. He also has demonstrated an ability to devise and successfully execute very complex business plans, as well as to raise copious amounts of capital and to build out innovative, cutting-edge organizations, often from scratch. He is well-known for his ability to start up companies and build them into something special.

When it comes to his current specialty, which is cybersecurity, Chuck Leaver certainly is bullish on the future. He also believes most investors agree with his assessment. In addition to the current level of security needed due to the prevalence of hacking, Charles believes the “Internet of Things” will bring with it a whole new range of opportunities for innovators in the cybersecurity field. He believes every system, especially at each and every endpoint, which refers to where data goes and is used, is different by design, and that security must be specialized for each system.

With Charles Leaver’s extensive experience in the field, cybersecurity specialty company Ziften is in a great position to make strides over the next phase of the technological revolution. If one gazes at the arc of his career, it is easy to see why Charles Leaver was chosen to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of cybersecurity giant Ziften.

Chuck Leaver Believes in Cybersecurity

Charles Leaver

Everyone in the tech industry knows Chuck Leaver is among the most knowledgeable players in the business of cybersecurity. He has gained his high level of knowledge from his extensive experience in virtually every area of the tech sector, such as application software and infrastructure technologies. He also has a lot of experience and skill in protecting application and gaming development. Almost the entire tech sector regards him well, in part because he seems to have an innate ability to push tech companies into new markets by innovating and pushing the edge of technology.

One reason Charles Leaver earned such a reputation on cybersecurity is because he once owned, operated and managed several technologically advanced lottery systems all over the world. Whatever the reason for his reputation, he is considered among the best, so when he is optimistic about the future, people do tend to listen. Charles Leaver is positive regarding the future for cybersecurity because, as long as tech marches on, someone will try to compromise it. Now, the “Internet of Things” will create plenty of new opportunities for innovators and his thinks his company, Ziften, can be at the forefront.

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